Maranne Purnell

Wears Umbrella Dress from AW 2009

Hi, my name is Maranne and afternoon naps make me happy.

I’m the same age as 80s teen sensation Tiffany .

My first memory of fashion is my Cabbage Patch slippers. Since then I have developed a deep love for comfort shoes.

I’ve been wearing petals since Meg let me and my favourite piece is culottes, culottes, culottes!

I work as a teacher , but when I have time off I like to not teach anyone anything.

I love to eat breakfasts on weekends that I pay for and other people cook.

I take my coffee in a sippy cup on the way to work.

Listening to anyone trying to play my childhood keyboard, the Casio Rapman always perks me up.

The last book that left a strong impression on me was Are You Dave Gorman? I considered it for a while, then realised that I wasn’t. On a long journey to somewhere I’d like to read all of the instruction manuals I never got to.

I hope that my car gets fixed and I don’t have to pay for it.

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