Michelle Ward

Wears Breeze Skirt and a selection of well curated op-shop glories

Hi, my name is Michelle and baby animals, especially cows with big brown eyes and wet noses, make me happy.

I’m the same age as Jennifer Hawkins.

My first memory of fashion is being allergic to pants. Since then I have embraced skirts and dresses to their full potential.

I’ve been wearing petals since the beginning and my favourite piece is the umbrella print skirt.

I work for WAAPA inthe Costume Department, but when I have time off I like to cook, eat and sleep.

I like to eat stinky cheese like Tallegio with cold dry white wine.

I take my coffee too often.

Listening to Kate Miller Heidke always perks me up.

The last book that left a strong impression on me was Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas; the poetry is beautiful but quirky. On a long journey to Florence I’d like to read A Room with a View.

I hope my tan boots never die.

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