Terri-Anne Heighway

Wears Jolly Holiday Dress from SS 2009

Hi, my name is Terri-Anne and being free makes me happy.

I’m the same age as many people not worth mentioning, except maybe Audrey Tautau and a few of my friends.

My first memory of fashion is being inspired by Bridget Bardot fashion in Dolly magazine when I was 13. I made my first dress from a 50’s dress pattern and that’s when my passion for creating garments really took off..

I’ve been wearing petals since its conception. My favourite piece is the Chimney Leg Pants for its sheer wearability

I work as a Fashion Freelancer and mother of two little people, and at Edith Cowan University as a Tutor in Contemporary Fashion, , but when I have time off I like to bake bread, brew beer, and play the piano.

I like to eat Dim Sum with my sister and her husband who introduced me to it.

I take my coffee in the car with me.

Listening to The Stray Cats always perks me up.

The last book that left a strong impression on me was “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.

On a long journey to experience the new Museum of Islamic Art in Quatar, I’d like to read about that religion and its history in the hope of understanding the amazing architecture of the building and its contents better.

I hope that I never get a terminal illness or have to suffer chronic pain as I would like to live a long happy life with my children and travel world un-hindered.

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