Megan Parker

Wearing Silky Fillament Blouse from SS 2009

Hi, my name is Meg and cleaning my house makes me happy.

I’m the same age as my favourite cousin (shhh don’t tell my other cousins)

My first memory of fashion is receiving a dress with a matching fabric covered belt for my 5th birthday. Since then I’ve expanded my collection of belts and drilled cup hooks into a shelf so I can hang them.

I’ve been wearing petals since I started designing it and my favourite piece is the dauntless crusader coat, but I still don’t have one of my own!

I work as a costumier and fashion designer, but when I have time off I like to follow all the design ideas that pop in to my head when I’m too busy to do anything about them.

I like to eat salad nicoise, camembert and crunchy bread at the beach at the end of a long day.

I take my coffee as soon as I can after waking up to save those around me from my sans coffee mood.

The last book that left a strong impression on me was the Life and Times of Michael K, even though I’m not normally a Coetzee fan. On a long train journey in the Dolomites I’d like to read the Guardian and essay or short story collections from Black Inc, McSweeny’s and Meanjin.

I hope you like the clothes!

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